Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Thoughtful Thibs

I have some friends in Korea.  Those friends saw it fit to send me a care package.  It was like Christmas morning, at the 'ole Chicago Party Palace (the name of my apartment).

A Package?  From Korea?  What could this be?
A letter from Kyle?  But Kyle's in Korea!

Mmm...Koala Yummies - Korean Style.  And Sour Apple Gum.  Yum!

What could this little thing be?
Toothbrush holder!  Oh my gosh!  It's a toothbrush holder!

Need I say more?

Chopsticks and a Konglish notepad.
No explanation necessary.  Okay, they're socks.   Haha.

And, there's this great box!
Thanks Kyle & Melody.  You are wonderful.

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

My Current Vocation

Pursue Beauty, Truth & Goodness alongside the Theatre Community of Chicago.


Monday, November 30, 2009

Life is full of setbacks...

So, the other day, I applied to work at a yoga clothing store. Random, but this place is seriously hip. Here's what I wrote in my application:

Hi! My name is Les Rorick.

First, a story: Last week, I was riding home from the Magnificent Mile atop my trusty steel bicycle. It was dark, drizzling, and colder than I had dressed for. As I started down Walton, a street unknown to me, I shivered, hunched my shoulders and furrowed my brow - all unconscious reactions to the falling rain. My whole body was full of angst; my spirit, frustration; my mouth, grumblings. Usually, I love bike riding, but tonight brought some unwelcome obstacles. And then, I saw it. Bright white letters glowing off of the water droplets, “Life is full of setbacks. Success is determined by how you handle setbacks.” “Yeah!” I thought, “I’m not going to let this rain get me down.” I read on, “Breathe Deeply.” “Yeah!” I agreed as I slowly passed, trying to read more. Finally, I just stopped and stood there in the rain, reading quote after quote after quote. A rush of inspiration filled my spirit with happiness, which I had not pursued, but certainly had found. I walked around the building, but couldn’t figure out what it was all for. “Why are these quotes here?” I wondered. The store had clearly not opened yet, but I decided it was very kind of them to thoughtfully remind us driven city-dwellers of these deep truths about life. For the last week, as I've been cleaning my new apartment, each time I go to wipe the counter, I remember that someone will inevitably make a sandwich on it. So, I bought a lemon to make my own cleaner, and also to add to the copious amounts of water I’ve been drinking, to keep the brain sharp. Today, on Craigslist, when I came across this job opening, drooled over the recruitment advertisement and followed the link to Lululemon's webpage, the universe made sense and everything was connected: “It was those pink and white quotes that I saw!” This is the store! And they’re hiring?! Happy day!

Now, for the traditional cover letter:

Les Rorick

839 N Sacramento Blvd, #2A

Chicago, IL 60622


November 06, 2009

Lululemon Athletica

To the Human Resources Office,

I am writing to find out if I am perfect for any job openings you are currently hiring for the brand new Chicago location.

I am new to the city, as a bit of an adventure, and in pursuit of my dreams and goals. I have not had much experience with yoga, but running, cycling, swimming, rock climbing, modern dance, swing dance and musical theatre are high priority activities for me.

Working in educational and customer service positions in the past, I have found that I am very good at helping people learn about and achieve what they want in an orderly, timely and pleasant manner. I have made it a point to never let a customer or student leave my presence without getting their question answered, and if possible, helping him or her feel good about the options, decision or purchase before them.

I am very interested in discovering more about the Lululemon Athletica employment opportunities, and excited about the prospect of helping residents of Chicago achieve their goals and stay active. Thank you for your time and consideration. If you would extend to me an invitation to interview, I would be most grateful.


Les Rorick

Enclosure: Resume

They also want you to list some of your goals, since they are very serious about goal-setting. Here’s what I put.


1 Year

Personal: Transition well into Chicago. Improve my community.

Health: Sweat everyday.

Career: Maintain a steady job that can support my goals of engaging in the theatre world as an actor.

3 Year

Personal: Read 2 books every month.

Health: Stretch everyday.

Career: Enter my first year of a graduate program in Acting.

10 Year

Personal: Ride my bike across the United States, again.

Health: Actively participate in dancing, cycling and stage combat.

Career: Begin fourth year of tenure-track position at a university, while acting in or directing productions on the side.


Now, I know what you’re thinking, especially if you’re a male and especially if you’re my dad. "A YOGA STORE!??? Are there many men that even work at yoga stores?" My response to all of you dissenters: No, but there are a whole bunch of single women! Just kidding. But seriously.

I never did hear back from them. I thought my little anecdote was clever.

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Thanksgiving Time

My Humboldt Park

I'm thankful for the adventures I've experienced this last month. And for the people who have been a major support to me, both in Chicago and from afar.

Adventure 1: Willis Tower Climb

A few weeks ago, I climbed the Willis, formerly Sears, Tower, with my friend, Alicia. It was 103 flights. It was a lot of fun. Once we got to the top floor, we went out on what is called the "Sky Deck," which includes glass boxes that stick out from the side of the building. So, we danced on the box and got our picture in the Sun Times news paper!


Start to Half-Way


Adventure 2: Swing Dancing Exchange in Peoria

A gathering of 40-50 swing dancers from all of the Mid-west came together in the center of Illinois to do back-to-back dance parties. On Saturday, I danced for 12 hours. Swing dancing is the best.

Adventure 3: Chicago Critical Mass

Just about 200 cyclists took to the streets on Friday night, to spread cycling cheer. The ride was just over two hours, and included the Magnificent Mile shopping district. Shoppers were enthusiastic and entertained by the tall bikes, strange costumes, occasional dance break and trailer mounted boom-boxes.

Friday, November 13, 2009


Showcase. Last Friday night, I performed my scene from Tennessee Williams' Auto-Du-Fe. In fact, I performed it twice. Once on stage, and then once in a smaller classroom for an audience of three, because shortly after I finished it the first time, my friends came in and said, "Hey, when do you go on?" My scene partner and I didn't mind performing it again. And the second time was way better than the first.

Dinner with my Kind. When I first arrived in Chicago, I met some 'theatre people' who graduated from Wheaton. On Sunday, they invited me to their house to eat Indian food and meet more of their friends. What an incredibly delightful evening. The food, for one thing, was delicious. Who knew a bunch of Anglos could replicate the flavors of Indian food so flawlessly? Even the rice pudding and chai was perfectly matched to tastes of India. The conversation was equally fantastic. It was so good to talk about theatre with other thespians. It was amazing to laugh at acting jokes, run around the room wearing masks (seriously), and just be plain goofy---all while drinking wine and speaking in British accents. The one attendee who is originally from England, well, he spoke in an American accent. It was hilarious. I can only imagine what we must have sounded like to him. At the end of the night, I was so happy feel at home among my own people.

Job Hunting. Most of my waking hours have been dedicated to job searching. I have an interview next Wednesday. Please pray for guidance and provision.

I love you guys, especially my friend Boaz who reads this blog, even though he is in Chicago, and can just ask me what's going on in my life. :) I love you, brother.

An old video, when Ross and I were still together and when the Fall weather just started to show.

Friday, November 6, 2009

November ReNEWal.

Lots of New.

I moved into a new apartment.  The address is 839 N Sacramento Blvd, Apt 2A, Chicago, IL 60622.  My fantastic new roommates are Ryan and Chris, both Christ-followers.  Also, both drummers, both night owls, both sources of uncontrollable laughter.  Please pray for a dynamic, strong community.

One night after moving into this new apartment, ROSS was stolen!  My baby, my girl, my bike.  Gone, into the clutches of some greedy theft.  Pray for him/her.  Pray for justice.  But, in this, God showed himself.  His character was displayed in the generosity of a handful of my California friends, that pooled money together and sent me money enough to buy a new bike.  I am so grateful for their kindness and Divine provision, through them.

I am currently job hunting.  I have been working for the catering company on nights and weekends, but now realize I need a consistent day job.  In order to do this whole-heartedly, I have sadly, and painfully put ALL of my acting pursuits on hold.  No auditions, no researching MFA programs, no memorizing monologues, no networking - not until I have secured some financial security, that will allow me to flourish in the acting world.  Please pray for provision and trust as I search and wait, as it is easy to get discouraged.

Tonight is my acting showcase!  I've been taking an 8-week acting class at ActOne Studios, where I have learned a lot about the acting craft, sharpened my skills and was supremely affirmed in my ability to be an actor.  After this, I will be stepping away from the theatre world to find a job.  My performance tonight is my offering of worship, for these last 8-weeks, and really, for these last 4 months that I've been in Chicago.  It feels strange that the Lord is asking me to sacrifice it all on the presipice of my offering, but I trust in the God that sends angels to deliver rams in bushes, and Kings on crosses.

A quick note about the fall: It is beautiful.  My new apartment is right next to a huge park, so there are lots of leafy trees to show off just what cold mid-western weather can do.

Adventure is always close at hand: In just over a week, on November 15th, I will be climbing all 103 flights of stairs in the Willis Tower (formerly the Sears Tower), which is the tallest building in North America. It is a fundraiser/charity event for the Rehabilitation Institute of Chicago. If you would like to contribute, even $5 or $10, please follow this link. I committed to raising $100, so please spread the word to your rich uncles who might be interested in supporting this cause.

Finally, I love you all.  Thanks for your support and prayers.  I love getting post-cards, phone calls, letters, text messages, homing pigeons.  So, please, don't stop reaching out to me.  I need the support and help.  Transition is hard, but it's good.  This is the space between the logs.

Boggle night at the new apartment.


Sunday, September 27, 2009

Overdue, Chicaguuu.

whoa!  it's been weeks since a Chicago post took up residence on the lesinchicago blog.  in my defense, i was not in Chicago for the first two weeks of September, and you can't post blogs about being in Chicago, when you are in Colorado or California.  it just ain't right.

So, I created two, single-use blogs where you can hear about my traveling adventures: & http://lesinfullerton,whichyoumightthinkisredundant,sinceilivedtherefor24years,butthistimeiwasjustvisiting,whichisastrangeexpereince.  ps. if the links don't work, it's because the web-addresses are completely forged.  i did not create new blogs for my two-week vacation from Chicago.

if you want to hear about those two trips, send me an email (, give me a phone call, text, fb message and i'll share with you.  if you want to see pictures from those two trips, check out my facebook page.  if we aren't facebook friends, who are you and why are you reading my blog?

meanwhile, back in chicago...

once i landed at Midway Airport (of which, i am a huge fan, especially compared to the mammoth O'Hare Airport), i dragged my checked luggage to the elevated train stop, because public transit in Chicago is awesome and doesn't require you to ask your roommates to pick you up from the airport at 2 in the morning.  i then stood at the elevated train stop for about 15 minutes before i realized that the train stopped running at 1 and won't start up again until 4 AM, because CTA is not as awesome from 1 - 4 in the morning.

I briefly considered waiting it out, snuggling up with my bags for a little nap, but came to my senses and hauled my heavy, awkward-shaped belongings up the stairs, over the tracks, and on to the closest bus stop (the owl bus-route runs through the night).  leaving the airport, i saw a sign that had a few options for passenger drop-off.  i waited a little while next to that road, to see if anyone would take me up on the offer to "kiss 'n' ride."  no takers; i got on the bus.  a few hours later, i was in my chicago bed.  strange.

after resting from the whirl-wind wedding weekend tour, i jumped back on the trail and continued my journey and exploration of this ever-strange city.  strange and beautiful, to quote aqualung.

i spent some time with chicago friends, cory, brandon & ali.  we ate tasty burgers from a joint called "choppers" and then made homemade shakes with ice cream, milk, and a blender (why did no one tell me shake-making was so simple?).  later, cory and i went on a photo-walk, where i realized just how much i love pattern and color.

for more inspiring urban photography, see my friend, jantzen's blog.

work:  i've served (blue plate catering) some really cool events since being back.  my favorites are: 1) a designer premier at nordstroms (we literally walked around the store and offered shoppers wine and artichoke dip), 2) a massive gospel church gathering in the Field Museum, and 3) an intimate 25 person wedding on the top of a 44 story building, overlooking the lake, city skyline, and navy pier fireworks show.

(© Michael Ochs Archives/Corbis)

play:  there is show headed to broadway, called Million Dollar Quartet, which depicts the night that Jerry Lee Lewis ("Great Balls of Fire"), Carl Perkins (original writer of "Blue Suede Shoes"), Elvis Presley (um...duh) and Johnny Cash met for an impromptu jam session at Sun Records in 1956.  i got to watch this show last week.  It basically sent me into shock with it's brilliance, execution and volume.  The show is a brilliantly-scripted tribute concert, performed by truly inspirational artists-actors.  i loved it.

work-play?:  i'm in chicago to pursue theatre.  for now, i want to act in some plays, then get an MFA in Acting or Directing (possibly in Chicago), then teach, act, direct, love people, appreciate beauty, and make disciples until the kingdom comes or i go looking for it on the other side of death.  so, in order to be in a play, one has to audition.  and audition, i did.  i sat nervously in a room, yesterday, trying to remember a monologue i once performed in a play, and dying for the process to be over.  thankfully, it didn't take long.

once inside the audition room, with the auditors staring at me, i completely forgot everything, including the name of the play, and utterly botched my audition.  however, this did not leave me too bothered.  i acknowledged the obvious: my heart was not in it.  i really wanted to get my "First Chicago Audition" out of the way, so i tried out for a show i'm not really excited about...and, as mentioned earlier, failed miserably.  of course, i don't know that.  i could be called back for a second audition, in which case, i would probably run the other direction, because the people offering me a call back would have to be insane.  and if i worked with them, that would just be too many insane people in the same room.

and so, i'm gathering my sanity, gathering true desire to be in a play (which will serve as motivation to actually TRY to get a role) and then gathering Chicago credits, so i can expand my influence as a Christ-following artist and teacher.

if my cataloguing of chicago experiences starts to wane like it did these last few weeks, give me a call, text or email, and i'll dish one up for you and possibly the general public, on this here blog.

thank for reading.  i love you guys.  except the creep-o who isn't even my facebook friend.

ps. it would be an injustice if i did not show off the cuteness of my nieces: